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Why Choose Us

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Play Giant understands that all outdoor play activities with children lead to key skills whilst they are developing, not like your normal play ground installers we look to improve all aspects of child development.

working in the industry for several years the key skills that we look to develop with our installs are

  1. Building skills
  2. Balance
  3. Team work
  4. Self Expression
  5. Social Interaction
  6. Climbing 
  7. Investigative Learning
  8. Expressive Arts


Every child’s development must be promoted during their school playground experience, we work closely with experts, teachers and school practitioners to created an innovative range of Outdoor Play Equipment 

If you need some additional guidance to develop your ideas or view our exciting range of playground equipment, contact us today and speak to one of our expert outdoor learning consultants.

We ensure from start to finish that the whole process will run smooth and the outcome will further the enjoyment and educational development of children through play